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Learning Sound & Synthesis

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The best part? You can fully participate using nothing but your computer (running free program VCV Rack). Discover your ideal synth setup and workflow before spending money on any gear.


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I'm Sarah Belle Reid, a performer-composer specializing in modular synthesizers, trumpet, and homemade electronic instruments. Many people come to me and say that they would LOVE to get started with synthesizers and electronic music, but that they don't know where to start/don't have the right gear; or that they’ve had a synth or two for years but feel stuck trying to take their creative skills and music to the next level.

This program is designed to help you get clarity and mastery in synthesis (with nothing more than your computer!), teach you strategies to help you compose and perform music on modulars, and broaden your creative process and thinking, so that you can make the music you hear in your imagination come to life.

I am deeply passionate about combining my love for music, composition, and electronics, and I CANNOT WAIT to hear all the music you're going to create!

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